The Ultimate Yogi by Travis Eliot

The Ultimate Yogi by Travis EliotMy reaction to receiving the “The Ultimate Yogi” 12-disc set in the mail was “Wow, this is a serious box of yoga DVDs!” The professional production of this whole package is impressive, as is its intention to be a comprehensive yoga program including yogic breathing, meditation, diet, and lifestyle recommendations. The videos are gorgeous and were shot with an experienced crew on a beautiful film studio set in Bulgaria.

This DVD set is intended to be a 108 day program using the enclosed fold out calendar as a guide. However, you could easily take your own approach to the pace, order, and schedule of moving through videos. I would recommend a slower approach for beginners since the calendar guide starts you off rather intensely (you aren’t scheduled do the gentle yoga practice until day 34!).

Travis Eliot’s yoga instruction is encouraging, fun, motivating, and pertinent. He has an obvious Bryan Kest influence, and while most of the videos are of a power yoga style, Travis is equally skillful at instructing the slower paced gentle and yin yoga videos.

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Although the majority of classes on the 12-Disc set are power yoga flow based classes, there is quite a wide variety of classes to choose from: cardio, strength, balance, cross training, flexibility, vitality, detox, sun salutations and six specialty classes (gentle, yin, core, mountain pose flow, meditation, pranayama). While the whole set retails at $108, at only $9 per DVD, this is quite a steal for the quality of instruction you receive. Considering that it will take you much longer than 108 days to get bored with the diversity and breadth of content, this set is a great long term investment in your yoga practice.

Naturally, there are a couple of caveats: Some parts of the set are overly dramatic (particularly the Indiana Jones-ish intro film). The marketing language is immodest and overly hyped, and Eliot’s fun and lighthearted rhymed instruction can get tiresome. Otherwise this is an awesome, very inspiring, and valuable yoga DVD set that I’d highly recommend for experienced yogis.

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