Truth Love Creation by Reema Datta

Yoga MusicSaturated in angelic vocal overlays and rich harmonies of ancient Sanskrit mantras, Reema Datta’s debut album is deeply calming, sonically mesmerizing and powerfully evocative of the sacred land of India. And while the vocals certainly take center stage in this recording, the musical backdrop of bansuri flute, cello, violin, piano, keyboards, tabla and sitar is magically interwoven to take the listener into even deeper states of reverie and bliss.The slow tempo and peace inducing qualities of this recording make it a perfect backdrop for gentle yoga postures, healing therapies and meditation. Reema is a yoga teacher, author, classically trained musician, as well as the founder for the non-profit Usha Yoga Foundation, to which she is donating 5% of the proceeds from the sale of this CD.

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Listen to “Truth Love Creation” below:

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