July Giveaway: Drishti Supplements

Drishti Supplements giveaway

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Drishti Supplements for this month’s yoga giveaway sweepstakes prize. For the month of July, YogaBasics readers can have a chance to win a collection of their bestselling products!

About Drishti Supplements:

Drishti Supplements are a naturally sourced range of products dedicated to improving the practice and lifestyle of any Yogi. Combining out supplements can help with flexibility, recovery, and improve your yoga practice. Please take a moment to check out their website to see the entire line of products that they offer.

About the prize:

One winner will receive a collection of Drishti Supplements’ best selling products: 1 Anada CBD Oil, 1 Asthi Tumeric for Joints, and 1 Arogya Multivitamin. Their full-spectrum  Anada CBD Oil can create a sense of well being both in the Yoga studio, during mediation, and in your day to day activities. Drishti daily turmeric capsules are perfect to help maintain healthy joints and help improve flexibility and maintain strong bones. Drishti supplements’ Arogya is a daily advanced multivitamin that can help boost your immunity, regulate hormones, and improve well being, energy levels, and physical performance.

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  1. I would love to try these products,always looking for alternates to cool down my flareups.

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