March Yoga Giveaway TLF Apparel

March Giveaway: TLF Apparel

Published on March 11, 2019

We’ve teamed up with our friends at TLF Apparel for this month’s yoga giveaway sweepstakes prize. For the month of March, YogaBasics readers can have a chance to win one $100 e-Gift Card to their online shop.

About TLF Apparel:

TLF Apparel’s mission is to provide premium men’s and women’s athletic and lifestyle apparel and accessories. Their fabrics are custom built from the fiber content, yarn, weight, color, print design to the finished hand. A variety of size and fit options are offered and their unique designs are inspired by the body’s ergonomic movement, shape, and muscle structure. Check out their website to see all of the great yoga and fitness clothing in their new spring collection.

About the prize:

One winner will receive a $100 e-Gift Card to TLF Apparel’s online shop. The gift card can be applied to all of the women’s categories on their website and is not valid on TLF Outlet products. The gift card code will be valid for 60 Days after issued to the winner for a one-time use.

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13 responses to “March Giveaway: TLF Apparel”

  1. Ruth Utterback Avatar
    Ruth Utterback


  2. Michel Keeler Avatar
    Michel Keeler

    love these

  3. Valerie Young Avatar
    Valerie Young

    Awesomeness Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway entered and shared on all social sites

  4. Kim Russell Avatar
    Kim Russell

    I am in need of yoga inspiration and would really love your help!

  5. Michelle Gregory-Mikulicic Avatar
    Michelle Gregory-Mikulicic

    Great giveaway!
    Thank you so much for allowing the opportunity to win an e-gift card for your wonderful yoga essentials!

  6. tiffany dayton Avatar
    tiffany dayton

    I would love to win for my daughter who goes to the gym.

  7. julie kay Karsky Avatar
    julie kay Karsky

    Clothes make the yogi.
    Would love to win an e-gift card and wear TLF with honor.
    Who knows… maybe these clothes will help me rise into crow!!!

  8. Sonya Carlisle-Haye Avatar
    Sonya Carlisle-Haye

    Would love to win

  9. Carol Rothwein Avatar
    Carol Rothwein

    I love your site!!

  10. Deanne O'Donnell Avatar
    Deanne O’Donnell

    Need these bad!!! Just beautiful

  11. christina Moore Avatar
    christina Moore

    This would be great for my daughter, thank you for the chance to win

  12. Rachel B Avatar
    Rachel B

    Nice stuff

  13. Sarah Cruz Avatar
    Sarah Cruz

    I want to get into shape

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