Yoga: The Greater Tradition

Yoga:  The Greater TraditionThere are so many books on yoga on the market now that at times a newcomer can feel like they are drowning in choices. Most of the books for beginners are extremely similar, defining yoga, pranayama, and asana in basic accessible, physical terms. But there are a few books that lead the beginner closer to a path of understanding of the vast scope of yoga and all that it encompasses. The new book Yoga: The Greater Tradition does just that. One of the present day authorities in the classical traditions of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda, David Frawley, offers a beginners book of Yoga that spans the philosophical and traditional aspects of the practice without feeling overwhelming or archaic.

Separated into two distinct sections, Yoga: The Greater Tradition, acknowledges the extensive body of knowledge from which our current interpretation of Yoga originates. In the second section of the book, Frawley addresses all aspects of yoga from a classical Ashtanga (eight limbs) view, including the aspects that we are most familiar with in the West, asana and pranayama. Frawley’s approach to asana is a purposeful one, with very little emphasis on the physical postures themselves. He talks about the original intent of an asana practice, as well as the ways that we can physically benefit from the practice of asana in our daily lives. A respectable and brave move in a culture that presently equates asana with the whole practice of yoga. He addresses the other limbs of yoga concisely and with a voice of knowledge. The book concludes by encouraging the reader to learn more, explore deeply, and find a practice and make it your own. Yoga: The Greater Tradition is an excellent primer for the beginner and a great connection for grounding the more experienced student.

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