Yoga Trance Dance

A radical departure from traditional hatha yoga, Yoga Trance Dance is a synergetic combination of flow yoga and free form dance. The DVD is comprised of 6 preprogrammed practices ranging from 29 to 41 minutes and contains 15 segments that can be mixed and matched through the innovative “Yoga Matrix” menu. The practices break down into three main techniques. Prana yoga incorporates spiraling, circling and twisting movements within traditional yoga postures. The calming and centering moving meditations are primarily arm movements with breath connecting with prana and shakti energies of the body. The free form dance segments are just that, uninhibited explorations of moving the body with minimal verbal guidance. The filming and production of the DVD is extraordinary, with the stunning White Sands National Park in the background and intriguing panning shots with an Indian classical dancer and an African drummer in the foreground. Overall, the Yoga Trance Dance DVD is a visual delight as well as an opportunity to explore, have fun and be truly expressive through yoga and dance.

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