Yoga Poses for Fatigue

Published on February 3, 2009

A gentle yoga practice can relieve feelings of exhaustion, tiredness and loss of strength. The following postures activate and move prana in the body, stimulate and nervous and respiratory systems and rejuvenate the body-mind-spirit. Use Hip Opening Poses to regulate the Liver meridian system to balance emotions of anger, frustration and irritation. If fatigue is due to lack of sleep, use Calming Restorative Poses to help you get a longer and deeper night’s rest. If fatigue is due to poor circulation, use Inversions as well as the Sun Salutations to circulate blood, oxygen and nutrients. If fatigue is due to due to excessive emotions of fear, anxiety, sadness or melancholy, use Chest Opening Back Bends to regulate the Lung and Heart meridians.

Click on an image or posture name for detailed instructions, contraindications and modifications.


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3 responses to “Yoga Poses for Fatigue”

  1. mona47 Avatar

    I am new to the Yoga…I am looking forward to the refreshed feelings Yoga promises to provide me.

  2. StudioLiveTV Avatar

    I find that most exercise refreshes me. Yoga does that too, and so much more. I appreciate learning more about the various poses and specific benefits.


  3. walter7 Avatar

    Hello, my name is Jennie im new to yoga period.

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