Seated Yoga Poses

Most seated yoga postures are suitable for beginning level students, as the majority are easily adapted to any level of strength or flexibility. Sitting yoga poses tend to be energetically grounding and focus more on flexibility than strength. Sitting on the floor creates a stable position to release and open the body with less effort and greater ease. Simple sitting poses are used as a comfortable and stable base for meditation and yogic breathing.

What are seated yoga postures?

Seated or sitting yoga poses are a category of physical positions in hatha yoga. These seated poses include straight and cross-legged postures, forward folds, and twists with the legs and/or buttocks touching or close to the floor. You will find most seated poses taught in a gentle yoga class as these are best suited for begining students and yoga practitioners who prefer a more calming and therapudic practice.

Benefits of seated yoga poses

Seated poses are ideal for improving range of motion and flexibility, especially for stretching the legs (hamstrings, quads, and calves), and the back body (hamstrings, calves, glutes, and back muscles). Due to the  low risk of falling and a greater control over the body, seated poses have a lower risk of injury than other types of poses.

Tips to practice seated yoga poses

  • Place a blanket under knees and ankles for padding to reduce pain or discomfort.
  • If you feel difficult to bend forward and stretch, try siting on a bolster, folded blanket or a foam yoga block.
  • Maintain a slow deep breath while holding these poses, especially the more challenging ones.
  • If you have tight hamstrings you can modify with bent knees or use a yoga strap.

Seated asanas in yoga

There are approximately 60 sitting asanas in yoga. Check out our list of seated yoga poses by image, name and level below. You will find step-by-step instructions, pose benefits, modifications, and Sanskrit pronunciation for each pose.

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