Yoga Trends

Yoga is an ever-evolving practice that has a long history of experimentation, transformation, and innovation. While the foundations of yoga are essential to understand and practice, it can be important to stay open-minded to new developments, approaches, and trends. Trends come and go in the world of yoga but good old fashioned yoga will never go out of style. In this section, we document and explore all of the latest trends in the ongoing development of yoga. We will cover everything from the weird and wacky like yoga with cats and snowga to the practical and personal like digital yoga conferences and mobile studios.

  • Puppy Yoga

    Puppy Yoga? What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

  • Sound Bath

    Sound Baths: Definition, Benefits and 12 Tips to Prepare

  • Aerial Yoga

    Lifting Off with Aerial Yoga: Definition, Benefits and Tips

  • Facial Yoga poses

    Can You Rewind Aging With Facial Yoga?

  • Blindfolded Yoga

    Is Blindfolded Yoga For You?

  • yoga with chickens

    The Call of the Wild: Practicing Asana With Animals

  • yoga in salt cave

    Breathing Deep: Yoga Practice in the Salt Cave

  • yoga and co-working spaces

    Are Yoga Studios Becoming the New Gathering Place?

  • silent yoga disco

    Trending: Silent Yoga Discos

  • From Bakasana to Brunch: Pairing Yoga and Food

  • Snow + Yoga = Snowga, but is it Safe?

  • digital yoga conferences

    Virtual Asana: Yoga Conferences Go Digital

  • Yoga on the Go: The Trend of Mobile Studios

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