Yoga Training Scholarships

Published on October 25, 2007

To encourage and support the development and training of great yoga teachers.
After 10 years of supporting the training of new yoga teachers we have decided to end our scholarship program. We are honored to have been able to help fulfill so many yogis’ dreams of becoming a teacher.

Scholarship Recipients

July 2012: Angelina Presley

Yoga Training Scholarships
“Trying to make sense of the world used to make me anxious, but yoga shows me not to look for the meaning of the sum of all of these moments; that the only moment is the meaning.”

July 2011: Laura Mattison

Yoga Training Scholarships
“Training to be a yoga teacher is hence a commitment to nurture the gifts that my teachers gave to me.  Nurturing that gift means offering it to others, just as when a plant reaches maturity, it doesn’t just live and look beautiful, it reproduces.”

July 2010: Amelia Edelman

Yoga Training Scholarships
“Yoga, for me, is the practice of coming back to my mat again and again, moving and breathing and allowing myself to turn inwards.  In this way, by focusing on my own breath and body, I am acting as a single part of a universe that is much larger than myself.  In this way, I find peace.”

October 2009: Cheryl Smith

Yoga Training Scholarships
“Yoga – and the dear teachers along my path – have created life-altering changes within my own Self, and because of this, I would be truly honored to be a catalyst to affect change in other people’s lives. To put it as plainly as I know how: I love yoga and want to share that Love.”

May 2009: Rosalie Hamilton

Yoga Training Scholarships
“I want to teach yoga to help people discover themselves, to connect with their breath and their inner sanctuary of peace, and to help them see that there is a power in love and compassion that is the very breadth of life itself.”

October 2008: Anh Chi Pham

Yoga Training Scholarships
“For me, teaching is sharing; it’s an extension of practice, of learning, rather than meeting some idea of being an ‘expert’… I teach, because I want to share what yoga has given to me: a reconnection with my body, with the breath, and the freedom that comes with knowing that I can rest in limitless awareness.”

May 2008: Maya Koenig

Yoga Training Scholarships
“In Yoga I’m born into my fullest self. I expand and feel my imminent infiniteness. As a child yoga reminded me who I was. As an adult, yoga shows me what I can be – a source of boundless love and generosity, a person yearning to help others heal.”

September 2007: Marriah Berquist

Yoga Training Scholarships
“A goal of mine, after becoming a teacher, is to not only work with children but to eventually have a non- profit organization that lends itself to families in need, such as those with illnesses, disabilities or simply the need for a healthy, invigorating outlet.”

June 2007: Adrienne Hampton

Yoga Training Scholarships
“I decided to become a teacher to share with the most vulnerable sectors of our population the joy and peace I’ve found through the practice of yoga. My experience with yoga has been intensely rewarding, and I am grateful for the opportunity to enlist this personal passion as an instrument for social justice.”

October 2006: Marina Smerling

Yoga Training Scholarships
“What I want more than anything to contribute to this world is to help people soften to themselves, to say "yes" to their frustrations, their sadness, their joy, their longings. Yoga, to me, is a way of saying "yes" to the self.”

August 2006: Yvonne Brown

Yoga Training Scholarships
“What yoga meant to me when I started practicing 7 years ago is vastly different than what it means now. Then it was purely a form of exercise. Today it is every aspect of my life.”

May 2006: Erin Drummond

Yoga Training Scholarships
“Coming home to yoga isn’t just about the mat or the familiarity of the poses; it is an arrival of spirit to something deep within oneself. As we draw our focus to this inner place, we find a sense of connection in the world.”

September 2005: Courtney Hall

Yoga Training Scholarships
“To effectively and lovingly share with others the healing experience of yoga that is creatively evolving within my self, is my duty and pleasure. I wish to do so in a way that empowers and supports all peoples in their unique processes of realization and healing.”

May 2005: Niki Severson

Yoga Training Scholarships
“Yoga has taught me that there is a choice in how we react to life’s circumstances. It has taught me that if I work to cultivate a level of inner calm, I can bring that peace to all of my daily interactions with the world.”

September 2004: Jocelyn Gordon

Yoga Training Scholarships
“My experience with yoga on and off the mat, have coached me to open to my story and to reclaim parts of myself that were silenced. My hopes are that I can support others in softening, releasing, healing, and living a fully expressed life.”

September 2003: Catherine Turner 

Yoga Training Scholarships
“As my experience deepens and expands as a student of yoga, I hope that my teaching will assist in opening hearts more deeply for the experience of life and love.”

April 2003: Catherine Littmann

Yoga Training Scholarships
“I believe in yoga. To me, it’s a metaphor for life. Not only is it developing patience and compassion for oneself; it’s also finding a sense of humor in one’s scrunched face while trying to master the locust.”

December 2002: Heather Herold

Yoga Training Scholarships
“I want to build a strong foundation through this teacher training so that I will have more to share with students. If I could touch one life with the blessings that yoga has given me, I would consider it the greatest honor.”

September 2002: Dawn Butson

Yoga Training Scholarships
“I am attending the teacher training at the Asheville Yoga Center with the intention of deepening my understanding of all aspects of yoga so that I may be an excellent teacher one day.”

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2 responses to “Yoga Training Scholarships”

  1. Zack Sapinsley Avatar
    Zack Sapinsley

    Hi Timothy,

    It’s been great to read about your work and teachings within the amazing practice of yoga. I am a young adult community leader in Colorado seeking a scholarship for a yoga teacher training certificate in order to help spread the energy and philosophies of yoga to my community. Do you know of any possible resources?

    Thank you,


    1. Timothy Burgin Avatar
      Timothy Burgin

      Some YTT courses offer their own scholarships or financial assistance so I’d recommend to research where you want to do the training and then ask them if they offer these resources.

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