Spring Yoga Sequence

Spring is the time of emergence, expansion, outward expression and new growth. After the winter dormant season the energy of the body wants to spring and grow outwards and draw upon the stored energy of winter. Springtime also awakens our warrior archetype giving us energy and passion to strengthen our spiritual practices, pursue creative projects, and to cleanse our bodies and homes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine spring is the time when the wood element is dominant and the energy in the liver and gallbladder channels becomes the strongest. There is a strong tendency for the energy in these channels to become stagnant and produce feelings of anger, irritation and frustration, but this energy is easily dispersed through fluid whole-body movement. The liver meridian connects with the eyes and doing practices that balance the wood element will not only benefit the our physical vision but also our psychological vision as well to allow us to see our inner and outer selves clearly. Use this 37-step yoga sequence to awaken and balance the energies of spring inside the body.
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