Diver Uses Yoga to Break World Record

Who knew yoga would be instrumental in breaking a world record for free-diving? William Trubridge did. “A lot of my techniques are taken from yoga practice,” the thirty-year-old, free diver said. “It’s the same as driving or washing the dishes, it becomes part of your muscle memory, your subconscious. It means more efficient movements and with your brain out of action it uses less oxygen.”

Trubridge, who is a native New Zealander, broke his own world record and set a new free dive record of 100 meters deep at Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island in the Bahamas.  This dive was Trubridge’s 13th world record.

He is using publicity from the event to help bring attention to and save the endangered Hector ‘s Dolphin – also known as Maui’s Dolphin. One hundred meters is the equivalent of one hectometer.  Only about 100 Hector’s Dolphins exist today. They are the smallest dolphins in the worlds and the only one that is endemic to New Zealand.  Trubridge raised funds to help protect the dolphins by selling off chunks of the rope used in the dive with 10% of those proceeds going to the New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust.

What techniques do you take from your yoga practice and apply elsewhere in your life?

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  1. I take everything from yoga and try to apply it to my day: breathing, poses, meditating and staying clear minded under stressful situation, stretching and feeling my body through out the day, and trying to push beyond any limits that the day may present.

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