Yoga Lesson: Mindfulness

Mindfulness (Smriti) is a practice of turning your awareness and focus to what is happening in the present moment. This is a very useful tool to incorporate during yoga poses, as well as to use throughout your day-to-day activities. A mindful yoga practice creates a sense of centeredness and inner focus, giving your yoga practice more depth and tranquility. Practicing mindfulness within a yoga pose can also give the pose more power, both physically and energetically.

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May we become mindful of the sensations of the body and breath, and may we be truly alive, present and at one with all that is.

By deliberately turning the full light of mindfulness on the smallest events and actions of everyday life, eventually the liberating wisdom may arise.  – Nyanaponika Thera

Mindfulness is a very refined form of attention, a state of awareness. – Swami Veda Bharati

Mindful yoga is a lifetime engagement–not to get somewhere else, but to be where and as we actually are in this very moment, with this very breath, whether the experience is pleasant unpleasant, or neutral. – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Down Dog, Warrior II, Triangle, Revolved Triangle, Eagle, Revolved Head to Knee.

Home Work
Practice becoming fully present with every moment of your daily life, letting go of the attachment to having things be other than what they are.

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