Watch: How a 73-Year-Old Teacher Found Yoga

Bill White inspiring yoga video

After being diagnosed with a coronary blockage in an artery, Bill White realized something needed to change. He was retired and 63 years old and had a lot of time on his hands. He decided to start going to yoga classes in the morning on the beach. After practicing yoga for about four months he lost 50 pounds and brought his cholesterol down to 150 from over 225! A few years later White completed a 200-hour teacher training at Power Yoga of Cape Cod.

Today, he teaches three Power Vinyasa classes a week and inspires people of all ages to transform their lives with yoga. In a professionally produced 2-minute video by health care insurer Aetna, White tells us his journey with yoga. Check out this lovely video that documents White’s yoga teaching and his inspiring story.

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