The Best New Music for Yoga: October 2017 Edition

The Best New Music for Yoga: October 2017

Towards the end of October, the veil between the worlds becomes thin and transparent. This is a time of darkness, mystery, introspection, and inner reflection. The heart of autumn also sparks a deep desire for connection and communion with the spiritual realms. Music can serve as a potent guidepost to explore our inner worlds and as a pathway to find our connection to that which is greater than ourselves. We are excited to offer your ears, hearts, and souls a delightful selection of beautiful music for practicing yoga, meditation, massage or other introspective and relaxing practices. May these songs allow you to see deeply inside yourself and provide connection to higher states of consciousness.

Silence Speaks by Praful & Spirited Tribe

The Best New Music for Yoga: October 2017 EditionSoaked with beauty and devotion, the latest release from this German collaboration of musicians is the first from a new trilogy of recordings. The elaborate mix of vocals, flutes, piano, keyboards, guitars, tanpura, and percussion invokes a familiar but forgotten calling out to the divine. These four tracks make gorgeous accompaniments for the slow and gentle parts of an asana practice.

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A Passage to Soreland by Sascha Reif

yoga music albumThese thirteen new instrumental compositions from this German-based guitarist are energizing yet relaxing. The layers of guitar strumming and fingerpicking combined with sparse guitar percussion creates a beautiful, mesmerizing and engaging sound to practice yoga to.

Kaleema – Nomada Remixes by Frente Bolivarista

yoga music albumAdd some autumn spice to your yoga practice with this new downtempo remix EP. Four tracks from Argentinian multi-instrumentalist Kaleema’s recent album have been masterfully reworked to create mesmerizing polyrhythms and beautiful immersive soundscapes.

The Practice Tapes by Dj Drez

yoga music albumIf you lack the time, skill or desire to create a fun and funky yoga playlist then grab this new release from this talented producer and yoga DJ. Use these four sweet and soulful 20-minute mixes of downtempo and hip hop instrumentals for “sacred movement, yoga practice, head noddin, or simply chillin!”

Urban Metta, Vol. 2 by Anaamaly

yoga music albumNamed after affirmations such as “I Am Ready to Forgive” and “I Give My Truth,” use each of these 11 soundscapes to foster healing and spiritual connection. These slow, calming, and expansive compositions use layers of pads, bass, chanting, nature sounds, soft mallets, Tibetan bowls, and chimes to bring the listener into a deep state of introspection and inner peace.

Apex EP by Shuhandz

yoga music albumWhile made for the dance floor, these four downbeat tracks can fuel your vinyasa flows and peak yoga poses with energy and focus. Highly influenced by nature and heightened states of awareness, this young producer and DJ is “focused on creating innovative deep and chill sounds.”

Excavation by Cicely Irvine

yoga music albumYou will be instantly hypnotized by this deeply immersive, beautiful, and soothing electroacoustic ambient album from this Swedish musician and sound artist. Layers of resonating sounds (voice, guitar, bass, piano, pump organ, synthesizer, glockenspiel, musical box, sansula, saw, glass, flute, bells, melodica, and violin) interweave in introspective producing patterns that are perfect for the slower moments of a yoga practice.

Landsman Duets by Blue Dot Sessions

yoga music albumFor the softer parts of a yoga practice or to relax on a rainy day, play these nine beautiful, rich and diverse guitar compositions. Most of these tracks are slow and spacious to foster introspection and promote a deep sense of calm and inner peace.

seep by David Cordero & dot tape dot

yoga music albumDive deep into your inner world through these spellbinding swirling patterns of sound. Blending multiple layers of soft and sparse notes creates an amazing balance of organic ambiance and structured electronica.

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